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Ambassadors & Partners

ecofriend's ambassadors and partners are vital to spreading our message of social and environmental responsibility to travellers and those in the travel trade.


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    Ah Moon

    Ah Moon: Singer-Songwriter 

    “Mother nature has taken care of us. Let’s take care of her in return by reducing the CO2 that we’re emitting everyday. It’s simple. Whenever you fly, you can donate and plant some trees with ecofriend! I’m in. And I want you to be part of the project too. As a girl from Myanmar, I would also love to invite you to come to see the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park!”

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    Virginia McKenna

    Virginia McKenna: Founder of Born Free

    “In a world where many people appear bent on the destruction, pollution and decimation of nature, how thrilling it is to know that ecofriend has planted, and will plant, millions of trees to restore a balance. Without trees, without balance, the world will not only be bereft of beauty but of the life trees bring to the environment, and the shelter and refuge they provide for wild creatures. I hope ecofriend’s example will inspire people all over the world.”

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    Dr Jane Goodall

    Dr Jane Goodall: Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute

    “I am delighted to add my support to ecofriend and their crusade to reduce our carbon footprint by planting trees in the most affected areas. It is rewarding and inspiring to see communities working together to make a measurable difference to our planet.”

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    Dr Sylvia Earle

    Dr Sylvia Earle: Founder of Mission Blue

    “We know that most of the oxygen in the atmosphere is generated — and much of the carbon dioxide is taken up — by mangroves, marshes, seagrasses, and algae in the ocean. Now more than ever, mangrove restoration projects such as those led by ecofriend are critical in the race to keep intact the natural systems that support life on the planet.”


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    Maximum Exposure

    Maximum Exposure advises public and private sector clients how to use tourism as a tool for economic development, environmental protection, and social change. The Maximum Exposure team is an official partner of the UN’s 2017 International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Sustainable Development, working with the UNWTO and UNDP to leverage tourism to realise the UN’s sustainable development goals.

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    Worldview Impact

    The Worldview Impact Foundation uses media and communications channels to promote the UN’s sustainable development goals; provide capacity building, train, and employment opportunities for young people in developing countries; and creates awareness of initiatives which address poverty, the environment, and climate change. Worldview’s projects include organic farming in Kenya, agro-forestry in India, and Global Youth Service Day.

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    Worldview International

    For more than 40 years, Worldview International Foundation has worked to to reduce global warming and to empower coastal communities to a better life, while promoting bio-diversity by protecting endangered species. Major initiatives include the restoration of mangrove forests at the Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park, solar lighting for disadvantaged families, the propagation of endangered orchids, and the creation of Paradise Farm in Sri Lanka.

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    Indus Experiences

    Indus Experiences is an award-winning British tour operator offering bespoke itineraries and small group tours to Myanmar, India, Bhutan, and beyond. Destination specialists work with each guest to create the perfect programme, using local insight to craft unrivalled experiences, and it’s because of this attention to detail Indus has been chosen to operate tours for prestigious institutions such as Oxford University and the Royal Society for Asian Affairs.

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